The Fab Four and Youtube

Yesterday some of my closest friends and I had the realization that we wanted to document more of our time during the Disney College Program. We decided to create a collaborative youtube channel, upload montages, vlogs, and tips and tricks. Click the video above to watch a short montage of an average day in the parks with us!


Re: Haydub07 on Crazy Check In

Haydub07: Do you have an example, like a picture, of where your check-in time is? It doesn’t seem like mine has it on there, and I check in Monday! :S

Hey there Haydub07! First, thank you so much for reading the post and congratulations on being accepted into the program! Second, check in is going to be a breeze! Don’t even worry about it!
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photo 2I ended up spending the night of my arrival with my Mom rather than in my new apartment. We had an amazing dinner at the Red Pizza Bakery at Universal City Walk, spent the night at our hotel, and had breakfast together that morning. After breakfast I had to take Mom to the rental car center. Honestly, I didn’t want her to go and I think she wanted to stay a bit longer as well. Sadly, she had an exam to give and I had suitcases to unpack. Driving off in my car alone and seeing my mother behind me in her own car driving to my home town I had the “this is it” realization. This was my leaving the nest departure. For the past year I attended a local college. I rented a house off campus and commuted during the week to class and my on campus job. On the weekends I would go home, stay with my family, and then work my second job. So, i never had that feeling of being on my own, until now. I have to say coming “home” to an empty apartment in an entirely new world was kind of hard. I had just dropped off my mother, driven on an insane interstate, and then came back to  my empty apartment. All of my roommates were at the Housing Orientation, so I had nothing but my unpacking to distract me from my “this is it” moment.

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The Adventure Begins!

Code Red: Packing

Hey everyone! I’ve finally come up with my packing list! I’m going to go ahead and throw some things that I think are a good idea to have when you arrive. During my last school year I moved THREE times. Before I throw the list at you I want to give you a few pointers I learned:

  1. If you haven’t worn it in the past three months, you aren’t going to wear it in the next six months.
  2. You can never have too much fabric softener, fabreeze, or clorox any where spray beach.
  3. Bring/acquire a shower caddy. Sharing is caring, but your bath products need their own space (that isn’t the bathroom floor).
  4. Pack minimally. You can always purchase things when you arrive.


  1. Comfortable T-Shirts- Whether they are graphic (showing off your favorite movies/bands/fandoms/ships) or “cute” and patterned. These will become your best friend on your days off because of how hot Florida can get!
  2. Jeans – Yes I am aware I just mentioned the Florida Heat, but if you are participating in the Fall you will be there until January. Florida can get cold. The last few times my family visited it was between 30-45 degrees.
  3. That hoodie you love – It’s comfortable, smells like home, and is full of memories. I’m sure there is room in that suitcase…somewhere.
  4. Bathing Suit- You are in Florida, this is a must have!
  5. Shorts- Bring a few pairs. Personally I’m packing 1 jean, 1 black, and 1 khaki. Then I’m adding 1-3 pairs of couch potato shorts.
  6. Business Attire- I’ll post a link to the DCP page for the requirements below.
  7. Shoes- 1 pair of flip flops for the beach/outings, 1 pair of personal tennis shoes for when you go adventuring in the parks, 1-2 pairs of shoes to go out in/go with business attire. Some of these can even be purchased once you arrive.

House Items: Note most of these could or should be put on your purchase list for when you get to Orlando. It will make your traveling 10x easier.

  1. Bedding- I’m going to be bringing my bed set down to Florida with me, but for participants who are flying it will be much easier for you to purchase bed sheets and such from the local Walmart.
  2. Kitchen Items- Most of these should already be provided. But from moving into my own kitchen for the first time I’d recommend acquiring: whisks, a strainer, measuring cups (wet and dry), and oven mitts.
  3. Bathroom – mat for the inside and outside of the shower, towels, a bathroom caddy, a holder for your tooth brush, toilet paper, toilet paper, and toilet paper. Don’t forget the shower curtain, or the rings for the shower curtains.


  1. GPS – Moving to a new area is hard enough without getting lost every time you try to go to Publix to try some of the infamous Tiramisu  Ice Cream
  2. Computer
  3. Camera
  4. Video Camera
  5. ALL CHARGERS — I wrap mine and label them with masking tape. It makes unpacking them much easier.
  6. extension cords